International Adoption

Things to Consider for International Adoption

Adopting a child can give you an overwhelming feeling or mixed emotions.  There are a lot of things to consider and think about before the go signal.  Particularly, international adoption can proffer difficulties that you may face along the procedure.

International Adoption
International Adoption


Adjustment of Cultures

Bringing a child from another different culture into your family may bring adjustments between you, your child and others within the family.  According to research and experience, it is important that adoptive parents must include their adopted child’s native culture into his or her upbringing.  You must integrate their culture to the existing culture you observe within the family.


Think Outside the Borders: Race and Relationships

Consider how your adopted child would be treated when he or she goes outside the safe confines of your family.  Think about points such as cultural diversity within your area and role models from your adopted child’s own race he or she can look up to.


Another point that you should remember is that not everyone can be as open-minded as you are in terms of race and culture.  How do you deal with criticism and even racism?


Financial Aspect

Face it… international adoption procedure costs money that can range from $10,000 to $60,000 depending on the arrangements.


The Needs of the Kid(s)

Note that most of the international programs include a “healthy child” program and/or “special needs” program.  Having said these, you and your partner must consider physical, emotional and financial aspects that you will be handling.


Every child has his or her different needs and you should be aware of these.  No matter how healthy they seem to appear, they will be needing things that will eventually lack the very time they lost their biological parents.


Support of Your Friends and Extended Family Members

Okay, you may be ready for everything about international adoption… almost everything.  You may be mentally, emotionally, physically and financially able.  But did you also consider or gauge the reactions of your friends and family members?  Remember that they will also play a vital role in raising up the kid or kids.  You may be able to handle the opinions and criticisms of other people around you, but how about these important people?