Five Amazing Facts About Black Cats

Five Amazing Facts About Black Cats

For centuries, black cats are always deemed as evil due to the fact that people claim that they are being used as familiars by witches. Because of such, black cats are well-known Halloween ‘mainstays’. In addition to that, some cultures and races have different superstitions concerning those. Some claimed that it is a sign of bad luck whenever you see one while some claimed that black cats bring good luck. But despite all of that, the truth still remains that black cats still behave and live like ‘normal-colored’ cats.


What makes a black cat very special? Listed below are some of the amazing facts about them:

  1. Not all Black Cats are jet black in color. At a single glance, we can claim that a black cat is jet black. However, what most of us don’t know is that some of them aren’t jet black at all. When exposed to some sunlight, some of them emit a dark brown shade while others have white along with them. Needless to say, owning a jet black cat is very rare in most cases.

Five Amazing Facts About Black Cats


  1. Not all Black Cats are named after their color. We can easily claim that black cats are usually named Shadow, Blackie, Ebony or even Salem (courtesy of the famous Salem Witches). However, aside from the fact that such names can also be used with black dogs, some pet owners are using other names as well. One pet owner even named his black cat Aristotle.

Five Amazing Facts About Black Cats


  1. Black Cats are no doubt very popular. Since black is also regarded as a definition of hot (just like black leather), black cats are actually very popular despite the superstitious hatred toward them. When compared to white cats, black cats don’t easily get dirty. However, it definitely doesn’t mean that black cats don’t need to take a bath.

Five Amazing Facts About Black Cats


  1. Superstitious hatred towards Black Cats is downright unjust. Aside from the fact that there’s nothing abnormal with black cats, there are no written proofs that black cats actually bring bad luck. Needless to say, people killing black cats just because of superstitious beliefs just practice and promote animal cruelty.


  1. Black Cats are popular Halloween symbols. It’s only normal for most of us to see a black cat being used as Halloween symbols. This is due to the fact that most people believe that black cats are being used as familiars by witches and sorcerers alike. However, just like fairy tales, such superstitions are just good for writing stories.