How to bring pet to usa

How to bring pet to USA

Lakhs of people want to settle in the United States either out of their own will and wish or due to work.  Either ways they go and settle in a new country.  Some families might have pets with them and obviously they cannot leave their pets behind and want to take them along.  There are rules and procedures that one needs to follow in order to take pets along into another country.  One much know it and follow the same so that the entire family including the pet are able to relocated to another country and live together.


How to bring pet to usa
How to bring pet to usa



  • Decide when you wish to leave:  Always keep enough time with you so that you can prepare for the travel.  Minimum is three months before is what you need to start planning for the travel.
  • Contact the embassy:  Whichever country you are travelling call up the embassy and find out all the procedures.  They are the best people who can let you know what needs to be done if you want to take your pet along.
  • Visit the veterinarian:  There is no single requirement that needs to be met when relocating the pet.  For the most part your pet needs to be fully vaccinated and dewormed.  However, the country of origin may have different secondary requirements.  The paper work from the USA embassy in your country will have all the details, but this might change as per disease surveillance.
  • Make sure that your pet meets all the requirements set by the embassy:  Once this is done you can research for a pet transport company who will fly your pet.  Some airlines will allow you to fly your pet.  Sometimes the pet may need to be quarantined you may need to work with a pet relocation company.
  • Buy a pet from another country and getting it to the USA will need an import permit.

Follow all the above rules and you can take your pet along and every can live together in the new country without any issues.


How to bring pet to usa
How to bring pet to usa