how to take care of your puppy

How to take care of precious little puppy!

Having a pet at home is fun and rewarding.  But, there is a lot that goes behind in raising a pup in to a well behaved dog.  Raising a put can be fun and rewarding experienced, but one should know that it is not an easy task to raise them and if the pup is the naughty kind then he or she would test your patience.  One needs to prepare well before getting a pup and also first decide on what kind of dog fits your home needs and what all things can you do for it.


how to take care of your puppy
how to take care of your puppy
  • Buy a pup:  First and foremost thing to do is decide on the dog breed.  This can be done by taking into account how much space does it need? How much attention does it require? It should be a male or female dog? Large or small breed? Lap dog or an energetic dog? Is the breed good with children so on and so forth.  All these factors should be taken into consideration before buying a pup.
  • Puppy proof your home:  Puppies are just like babies.  One needs to be very careful with them.  The house should be puppy proofed in the sense, any harsh or pointed object should be away from the puppies reach.  Make sure that electric chords, batteries, wires etc are kept away from its reach. There is a fear of electric shock if your puppies chews on connected wire.
  • Healthy and good quality dog food:  Ensure that your puppy is habituated to dog food.  The brand you choose for your pup should be healthy and good quality.  Any other kind of food may not be healthy for your pup.  Dog food is the best.
  • Keep fresh and clean water for your pup:  Make sure that you change the water bowl twice in a day so that your pup drinks clean water.
how to take care of your puppy
how to take care of your puppy


These are some of the tips of taking care of your new member in the family.  Once all these things are done diligently then you will have a healthy companion for a long time