Six Top Mistakes Dog Owners Usually Commit

Six Top Mistakes Dog Owners Usually Commit

Having the reputation to be man’s best friend, owning and taking care of dogs is definitely a very good experience. Not only dogs are created to become loyal to their owners in the first place; they are created to be loved as well.


The truth is, having too much love for your dog could also cause problems in the future. That’s the reason why you have to raise them properly, especially if you have your dog ever since he or she is a puppy.

Six Top Mistakes Dog Owners Usually Commit
Six Top Mistakes Dog Owners Usually Commit


Listed below are some of the mistakes that dog owners usually commit, whether he or she is aware or not:


  1. Owning a dog out of personal impulse. Regardless of intentions, owning a dog out of personal impulse is usually committed by almost every dog owner. Some of them admit that they are persuaded especially after seeing the popular ‘puppy eyes’, which can make everyone’s heart soft.


  1. Not giving the dog enough exercise. Most dog owners neglect this important thing for their dogs due to lack of time. Failure in doing this, however, will lead to your dog’s health problems in the future. And when it comes to exercise, mental exercise is also recommended along with the physical ones.


  1. Failure to visit the veterinarian for regular dog checkup. Most of the time, dog owners fail to bring their dogs to veterinarians for regular checkup. Instead, they just visit the veterinarian’s office whenever they notice that their dog already has a health issue. Because of this, most dogs die not because of the disease, but because of its owner’s act of negligence.


  1. Because of our love for dogs, we usually tend to overfeed it most of the time. And not just that, we’re just feeding them at anytime we want. Because of this, discipline when it comes to feeding and meals is being neglected. If left unchecked, chances are that our dogs will have personality problems in the future.


  1. Lack of Discipline. In addition to lack of discipline when it comes to feeding, dog owners usually don’t exercise discipline whenever their dog commits mischief. It isn’t bad to scold your dog whenever it commits bad deeds. Be careful, however, that you don’t scold your dog too much.


  1. Leaving your dog unattended. Leaving your dog unattended is the same as neglecting him or her. And if that’s the case, why did you own one in the first place?