dog to stop barking

Ways to Get Rid of Noisy Dogs

Do you love pets such as Dogs but don’t know what to do when they are barking too loud? Or experience annoying barks from your neighbors’ pets? This terrible day- to- day experiences are distracting our nap time and cannot even focus on our job. But this irritating sound from your dearest dogs can be prevented and can be solved if identify the cause of this behavior. When already recognize why they are acting terribly than you can give the solution. Here are some ways to get rid of noisy dogs.


dog to stop barking
dog to stop barking



  1. Ignore

Most pet owners scream their pets when they are making any noise to make it stop. But they don’t know that this response from the owners to their pets is a reward for them. Dogs think that when you give responsive act like screaming back, you give them care. So, they will keep barking to get their owners’ attention. The best thing to do is to ignore your pets. Don’t give a look, as if nothing is there. Don’t even touch your dogs, this act will give your pets idea that they will get something from you when they make a sound. Reward your dogs when they stop barking, but eventually, stop if they resume barking.

This process may last longer but it’s worth the effort when you see your pets are well- trained.


  1. Separate your dogs from their distractors

Whether your dogs don’t like too many people or its dog house are hot, you better do something regarding this matters before it gets worst.


  1. Make them energize

Dogs are energetic pets, so don’t just make them walk at the park but rather give them time to play.


  1. Feed them regularly

Maybe they are barking because they need food, so don’t skip and leave your pets hungry to avoid this to happen.


  1. Keep them entertained and have their regular check-ups

Barking is somehow a sign that your pet dog is bored and wants to go out. Why don’t you visit their vet to have them check and at the same time having fun?


  1. Face thy fears

If your dogs don’t like people because they are afraid of them, train your pet to face what fears them most. In this way, they lessen their noisiness because they are now immune of what makes them scared before.


  1. Training commands

If your dog is already familiar of sit and can stay still, you can now teach them when to speak and when to be quiet. Make them understand your commands by giving them gestures or language.


  1. Keep positive command

Training your dogs doesn’t mean you have to shout. Shouting encourages your pets or sometimes may fear them. Give a positive reinforcement to your dogs by telling them ”very good” when doing something correctly or by just praising them.


  1. Positive reaction to the trigger

If your dog starts barking when they saw their distractors, give him a treat so that he will be distracted. From this, your dog will remember that every time his distractor will come, he will have a treat. So, instead of barking, he will be busy looking for his treat.


  1. Speak to your neighbor

If it is obvious that your neighbors’ dogs are the cause of your sleepless nights, so you better talk to them personally.

You may talk to them through a call but it is much polite if you come to their house and talk about the problem. Be positively polite and prevent any aggressiveness against your neighbor, this act will not solve any problem. But if you already needed an authority to solve this problem, do so. Besides, there is a law for this kind of situation.