Android Apps and Games on Mac

How to Install and Android Apps and Games on Mac via Bluestacks – 3 Steps

If you’re using the Windows OS, you might be able to access Bluestacks easily.  On the other hand, you might have been missing it if you’re Mac user.  No need to worry for finally, your despair can be lifted up. Bluestacks has recently arrived to Mac, making it a legit part of Apple’s close ecosystem.


How can Bluestacks benefit desktop users?  For one, Android is simply for smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets.  Currently, we don’t have Android OS for desktop.  Using Bluestacks, you get to access the different apps from Google Playstore.   This is pretty interesting crossover to an Apple-made device.

Android Apps and Games on Mac
Android Apps and Games on Mac


Bringing the experience to another notch is Mac’s trackpad that supports pinching, swiping and zooming features.  Not only that, but the app can make use of the camera, microphone or any other hardware of the Mac device.



  1. Download Bluestacks on your Mac device by simply clicking on this link: Bluestacks on Mac.
  1. Install by conceding to the Terms and Conditions of the developer and following further instructions.
  1. Get to select the apps and games you wish to use and install them right on your Mac device. Note that some of the games can be used using mouse, keyboard or trackpad, but some require that they may be played using touchscreen display.


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