Animated GIF Images as Wallpaper to Your Mac Device

How to Make Animated GIF Images as Wallpaper to Your Mac Device

The animated GIF images may have piqued your interest in expressing yourself better in social media.  But the sensation brought by these interesting images does not only stop right there, but can also be expanded to various horizons such as your Mac device.  Yes, you can put your favorite GIF images as the wallpaper of your Mac desktop.

Animated GIF Images as Wallpaper to Your Mac Device
Animated GIF Images as Wallpaper to Your Mac Device

Originally, OS X only supports static images for wallpaper.  Good thing there’s a reliable Mac utility by the name GIFPaper that actually supports the endeavor of making GIF images into live backgrounds to your Mac desktop.  To be able to do the setting, just follow the instructions below:



  1. Download your favorite GIF image from Giphy, Photobucket, or Clipartsmania. Alternatively, you can make your own GIF via cinemagraphs in Photoshop.


  1. Next, download the GIFPaper app from the Dropbox through this link and extract the downloaded folder into a local folder.


  1. Double-click on the prefPane file within the extracted folder in order to install the preference pane. Just head to your Mac’s System Preferences and double-click on the GIFPaperPref to start the application.


  1. Look for the GIF on your desktop and adjust the Scaling to Axes Independently and off your favorite GIF will then be set as your Mac desktop background. Now, if you are using multiple desktops, only the current screen will then be changed.



  • You can put the GIFPaperAgent to your Mac’s logged in items in order to maintain your wallpaper preferences.
  • Additionally, the idea of using animated wallpaper might not be that good for older Mac devices. Remember that animation consumes system resources that may affect the total performance of your computer.