Apple A8 Processor

Apple A8 Processor – Update and Relative Information

Apple established its success through constant pushing of its boundaries.  In the line of iPhone, we experience fast iterations that keep most of us in daze.  This year, we were amazed by the latest flagship, iPhone 6 and its many perks.   Who is there to argue of Apple’s competitiveness?


While everybody seemed to focus their attention to iPhone 6, few of us paid audacious interest with Apple 8 processor.  If you haven’t got an inklingabout the chip, then here’s the tip: It is the wheel behind the smartphone:

Apple A8 Processor
Apple A8 Processor


  • Improved Frequency
  • You can’t ignore the fact that Apple devices are respected for their speed. The company was able to improve from 412Mz to 1.4GHz, along with improvements with other areas.  Meanwhile, A8 is set to improve up to 20.GHz or even higher with 2 highly productive RMv8-based CPU cores.


  • Number of Cores
  • There’s a probability that Apple will move a notch higher when it comes to core. It is highly expected of the company to bring their dual cores into quad cores, but then again, it might not just be the case.  Most probably, Apple gets to retain the dual cores but expand the horizons of their speed and performance.  Maximizing the potential of the cores instead of merely adding to their numbers is much better concept.


  • Enhanced Graphical Performance
  • The upcoming processor promises graphical performance ‘extra’ extraordinaire. It does not only come with graphic enhancement, but the ability to balance battery life and heat excess.