Apple AirPods: Definitely a Must-buy for this Year


Last year, we all know that Apple had released two controversial products as of date: the iPhone 7, which offers a jet black version, and AirPods, which are used along with the iPhone itself. Since iPhone 7 doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack support for your loyal earphones and headsets, the company had proposed AirPods as a solution.

Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods


However, AirPods had experienced a lot of criticism since its release last September. Mostly based on skepticism, people claimed that AirPods aren’t worth buying since you can easily miss it because it’s lightweight. In addition to this, most people find its price expensive aside from its not-so-good appearance. Because of this, the AirPods have been introduced in a negative kind of way even before its release.

Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods


The truth is some gadget enthusiasts find it worthwhile to have bought AirPods for their iPhones despite its price. These are some of the features that AirPods possess, making it a must-buy iPhone accessory for this year:


  1. Design – Even though people claim that AirPods look more like toothbrush tips rather than earphones, the design itself makes sure that you won’t accidentally drop it while you walk across the street. Despite its lightness, AirPods hook itself firm in your ears, thereby ensuring secure hold.


  1. Mobility – Most earphone users find wires a bit troublesome especially when traveling, hence the need to manufacture wireless headsets and earphones. And just like these two, AirPods doesn’t have any wires aside from being lighter, therefore letting your head move more freely.


  1. Small and Lightweight – It’s a very obvious thing to know that small and lightweight gadgets and accessories both offer advantage and disadvantage. In case of AirPods, however, being small and lightweight offers great advantage since you can easily put it inside your bag without worrying for dangling wires. And since AirPods have a case of their own, you won’t risk it getting crushed by the weight of other items inside your bag.


  1. Unified Charger and Case – AirPods have chargers that also serve as its case. This charging case not only charges AirPods whenever it runs out of power; it also protects the AirPods from being accidentally broken. In addition to that, you can just put it inside your pocket so bringing it won’t be an issue at all.


  1. White Color Advantage – Most people find the Apple’s white color trademark boring, making them wish for black-colored ones. What they don’t realize is that white AirPods are easier to find in case you drop it on the floor, thereby lessening risks of accidentally stepping on it.
Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods





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