Apple Announces Price Drops in their Watches


During their event last March 21, Apple has announced reasonable drops in starting prices of their Apple Watch which, as we all know, started being shipped to other countries a year ago. They had announced that the starting price of the 28mm Sport version of the Apple Watch will be dropped to $299 while the 42mm version’s starting price will be $349. This is good news indeed, especially for those who really wanted to buy one.

Apple Announces Price Drops in their Watches
Apple Announces Price Drops in their Watches


In addition to that news, the company had also announced that the Apple Watch will now have a new set of bands, namely: the Milanese Loop Black Version which was leaked just recently, Springtime Colors for both Sport and Leather bands and, last but not the least, a new woven Nylon Band. A more interesting fact is that the nylon band is going to be available in seven different colors: Gold/Red, Gold/Royal Blue, Royal Blue, Scuba Blue, Pink, Pearl and Black versions. These new bands were also referred by Apple as their springtime lineup, which means that they are planning to release a new set of bands in every season. Needless to say, they will be releasing four lineups every single year.


As of now, due to the fact that Apple haven’t released a new model yet, we can all enjoy using their present models until the end of this year, especially if you’re the type who wants to get updated with the company’s latest product line. However, if you’re not that obsessed, you can use your Apple Watch until it lasts.



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