Apple Car

Apple Car Quite Apparent by the Year 2020

So Google went venturing in powering automobiles and we have seen them test drive the prototypes along the roads of USA.  However, that is not already fresh news but a history on the making.  What’s really hot in the past few days is all about the giant device manufacturer, Apple.  What seemed to be circulating rumors tend to be a concrete fact after all!


Apple Car
Apple Car

Apple Inc. has been into car innovation for some time and kept this fact away from public—but of course! However, Bloomberg just recently made quite a scoop about this piece of information, stating that Apple will be bringing us an electric vehicle by 2020.  Given the timeframe, the technology titan strongly suggests aggressive visions which might set Tesla Motors Inc. and General Motors Co. into tight competition with it. The two companies have already revealed their 2017 goal to bring us $40,000 electric models that could zoom at 200 miles per charge.


With Tim Cook handling the reins, Apple had exhibited soaring cash of $178 billion (against few revenues), with a net profit more than $18 billion just this past quarter.  Thus, Apple has money to prepare the necessary facilities for the vehicle production.  But even though the company has the money, a five-year goal can be daunting.  As an analyst at Kelley Blue Book by the name Matt DeLorenzo wrote, “Apple will need a partner, perhaps a Chinese manufacturer, with an infrastructure if it’s going to hit the five-year goal.”  So, several aspects are yet to be well thought about and executed for this automobile venture of Apple.


Apple still keeps mum about the news but it won’t be for long as different leak sources are also aggressively trying to get some juice.  Meanwhile, we can remember clearly that the Apple CEO had told us about their plan to release different electronic and digital products, albeit not simultaneously.  This was stated last fall (2014). Could this be Apple’s way of conditioning consumers’ minds for their electronic car?