Apple IOS 9 Concept

Apple IOS 9 Concept, Apple Currently puts iOS9 under Test

Apple is all set for expansion and modification by 2016.  With iOS 8 opening numerous possibilities for interaction through third party applications (remember Apple exclusivity before their 8th iOS?), Apple wastes no time in putting their next version, iOS 9, under test.  According to Tim Cook, Apple promises to bring newer versions of interface each year.  This is a certified challenging promise and one we hope Apple can meet, nevertheless.

Apple IOS 9 Concept
Apple IOS 9 Concept


We can see that iOS 8 allows numerous customization in messaging, photos and effects, filtering, mailing, Family Sharing options, Spotlight and Continuity workflows.  It has improved versions of Safari web browser and Health application, too.  Moreover, third party keyboards are allowed for further modification. It heightened and made action options much more comfortable and simpler as well.


Hope that the leak sources will enlighten us more about this latest project of Apple and bring into light more details about iOS 9. More homescreen widgets and cool applications perhaps? What we have in mind though is that Apple could bring us something fresh and surprising, not just mere add-ons.  Well, we’re just pronouncing our wish-list out loud.


For the meantime, we are still left groping in the dark for the newest perks Apple will be bringing us through iOS 9 and Mac.  Rest assured though, that the technology giant will bring us to further heights of comfort and easiness.  With iOS 8 as our basis, let’s just take our imagination into a quick marathon.