How to Locate Your Apple iOS Device’s Serial Number

Note: This article is written for the green horniUsers (those who are very new to the usage of iOS devices).


Apple has manufactured quite a number of devices up to date.  Two of the most identifiable are run by iOS—iPhone and iPad. Each device bears its very own identification number also known as serial number.  Now, the chances of you checking on your device’s serial number are quite great, so you might as well be aware in how to acquire them.  You may need your device’sserial number to know about its warranty.  Apple may also ask for the numerical combinationwhenever you want to claim a product or service.


Regardless of whatever device you have, you can easily acquire its serial number.  This tutorial will teach you quick steps in order to locate the much needed number combination.  In just few taps, you may get the copy of your device’s serial number.


How to Locate Your Apple iOS Device’s Serial Number
How to Locate Your Apple iOS Device’s Serial Number



If you have your device at hand:

  1. In your iOSdevice, head to Settings app and tap on General.
  2. As you enter the page, find About and tap to locate the tab with the labelSerial Number. The Serial Number is located at the bottom of the screen.


If you don’t have your device but you have iTunes on your Mac PC:

  1. Go to iTunes and head directly to Preferences (Mac) or Edit. Then click on Preferences (PC) and the Devices
  2. Press and hold your mouse over a backup to show the serial number of a particular device. You can also see the IMEI or MEID and CDN of your iOS device.