Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro : The Most Coveted Phablet

Alongside the launching of iPhones 6s, 6s Plus and Apple TV is a huge tablet dubbed by Apple as iPad Pro.  The barely 13-inch tablet has been housed with impressive features, functionalities and specs that are worthy to drool over. However, it is to our deepest disappointment that the Adobe’s wild announcement about the 4GB RAM just recently has amended.


Apple iPad Pro
Apple iPad Pro


According to Adobe, iPad Pro would not be housing the said mammoth of a RAM.  Though dismayed by Adobe’s correction, we can simply agree that this is ‘so Apple-y.’ Getting on to a much realistic and Apple-y supposition, we can say that the slate may house a 2GB.


Moving on, Apple has not yet elaborated the details regarding the specifications of iPad Pro.  Though it will come in a huge and quadrangular screen display of 12.9 inches.  Just like the Korean Samsung, Apple is now introducing heightened stylus experience through Apple Pencil.  With it on hand, you can easily write on your iPad just like how you do with a traditional pencil on a paper.


Apple has also endowed the slate with 3D Touch technology that can interpret taps and pressures and translate them into different commands.  The device then can reply more smartly compared to the previous devices without 3D Touch feature.


Additionally, iPad Pro consumers have an option of getting a magnetically-connected keyboard that resembles that of Microsoft’s Surface tablet.  This option can easily aid multi-taskers who are always on the go with their portables.  The convenience will let them work wherever they want, whenever they need to.


Speaking of multi-tasking, the 12.9-inch slate was designed to accommodate the upcoming iOS 9.1 which will be tested by developers soon.  For the newest version, multi-tasking experience through the Picture-in-Picture video feedback and Split Screen will be much easier.  And don’t forget about our ever-efficient and much better virtual assistant, Siri, who was enhanced to be more proactive. Ultimately, the slate will be given with heavy apps like Photo Sketch, Adobe Comp and other Creative Cloud apps that can help professional and amateur graphic artists (and anybody who loves to create graphics).


On the other hand, digital world experience is made even better through the featured 4G LTE connectivity.  Unfortunately, this feature may be lacking in some devices depending on the area where the slate will be marketed.


For security and instant access, Apple retained the presence of Touch ID technology (sorry guys, no retina yet!) so you can secure your purchases and have a lazy time of not inputting long passwords upon opening.  And since it is going to be the next BFF of on-the-go individuals, Apple has made two protective covers for iPad Pro: Smart Covers and Silicone Cases.  The first one is made of durable polyurethane material and comes in charcoal gray and white colors.  The latter was designed to protect the back portion of the tablet from scratches and other elements.


iPad Pro will be available on November this year as a Thanksgiving or pre-Christmas item on stores.  Pricing starts at $799 up to $1,079 due to the fact that some features of iPad Pro may not be available in some areas.


(Note: Apple Pencil is sold separately at $99 and an optional keyboard priced at $169.)