Apple Iphone RED

Apple iPhone 7 PRODUCT (RED) Released, Now Currently in Demand

Last year, Apple had released a black iPhone 7 variant, which gathered instant popularity from iPhone owners up to Tech experts. And right now, the company had decided to release a new iPhone 7 variant, which turns out to be red in color. Because of this, iPhone owners will now have another color to choose from.

Apple Iphone RED
Apple Iphone RED


The iPhone 7 PRODUCT (RED) isn’t made just because Apple wants to offer a new color variant. The truth is, it is made by the company in order to recognize its relationship with (RED), which had been partners with Apple for more than a decade. Because of RED’s purchase of Apple’s products, the company had made a significant impact when it comes to providing funds for HIV/AIDS research.


Even though tech experts have pointed out that its only difference with other iPhone 7 variants is its color, they still can’t deny the fact that the iPhone 7 PRODUCT (RED) is gaining a lot of popularity, especially in China. According to the latest news, the demand for the red variant is said to be at least SIX TIMES more than the number of (RED) iPhones that are to be sold in the country. What’s more amazing is that there are no pre-orders made compared to the black iPhone variant last time. Because of this, the (RED) iPhones are said to be priced at US$749 (iPhone 7) and US$869 (iPhone 7 Plus), respectively. Both are said to have 128GB internal storage capacity. The (RED) iPhone sale had just started but, given the circumstances, the company is very optimistic that the sales will definitely go up.


The (RED) iPhone’s sales are also very promising in India’s mobile market. Even though the company had announced that the (RED) iPhones will be available for purchase next month at Rs. 82,000 starting price, its high popularity is also noticed. As of now, more people are now looking forward to (RED) iPhone’s availability to the nearest retail outlets in their country.


Since this is a special edition of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the company just can’t wait to make it readily available in everyone’s hands, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said. And just like before, the PRODUCT (RED) iPhones’ proceeds will be used in order to further fund HIV/AIDS research, which focuses on the study to prevent the virus from getting transmitted by mothers to their offspring.