Apple Pay with Your Apple Watch

How to Use Apple Pay with Your Apple Watch – 6 Simple Steps

Decades ago, payment lines in different payment or bank outlets were too long and inconvenient.  With the revolutionary presence of Google and Apple, things get much easier.


Today, we can pay our bills and purchases almost anywhere with our smartphones.  Apple made its own mobile payment system through Apple Pay.  Using a device plus internet connectivity, you can instantly pay without the involvement of your physical presence.  One of the devices you can utilize for Apple Pay is your more portable Apple Watch.  To know the procedure regarding Apple Pay using your Apple Watch, feel free to read on:

Apple Pay with Your Apple Watch
Apple Pay with Your Apple Watch



For those who already set up their Apple Pay:

  1. If you’re already usingApple Pay on your iPhone 6, then setting it up is a child’s play. Launch your Apple Watch app on your phone and then choose Passbook & Apple Pay from the menu option.
  2. Tick inside the box of Mirror my iPhone so your Apple Watch can imitate your smartphone’s payment settings.


For those who haven’t set up yet their Apple Pay:

  1. Set up your Apple pay right from your Apple Watch app by tapping on Add Credit or Debit Card. Note that you can use the debit/credit card you already enrolled in setting up your iTunes. This may entail you to enter the security code from the back of the card when you are asked to do so.
  2. Alternatively, you can add a new card by simply tapping on Add a Credit or Debit Card and enter the info Apple requests you to input.


Using Apple Pay

  1. When you’re about to use Apple Pay, simply double tap the side button of your Watch (one used in flashing your Friends list) and hold your Apple Watch up to the card reader with the face of your timepiece facing the card reader.
  2. Swipe through the screen in case you entered multiple debit/credit accounts on your Apple Pay and select.
  3. Once you hold it up to the register, you will be able to hear a beep and an instant tap on your wrist which signifies that your transaction has been entered and that you can move your wrist away from the register.
  4. Note that if you’re using a credit card, the teller will ask you to sign the receipt. However, if you’re using a debit card, you will be asked to enter your PIN card no.