Apple 4 Inch

Apple to Launch a Diminutive 4” iPhone in 2015 – Juicy Rumor

With the pour out of mammoth extravagant display of smartphones and phablets today from the different mobile manufacturers, it is indeed quite surprising to hear about an Apple Company rumor.  In rather sketchy details, some of Apple’s uber- talkative partners have dropped off a juicy morsel of a rumor.  It has been said that the gadget giant is in for a diminutive model of iPhone smartphone for 2015.

Apple 4 Inch
Apple 4 Inch


It will be noted, though that Apple had released giants ranging from 4.7 to 5 inches displays.  Other companies also made strong points on sizes to induce excitement in mobile users.  It had been successfully implied—then—that the larger handsets are, the better its performance and graphical encounter it gives off.  So why the sudden change of size for the iPhone series?


The practical size for the rumored new model is aimed directly for mobile enthusiasts who seem adamant to free their other hand while the other taps through the screen of the handset.  Moreover, ladies who actually have more delicate hand figure and size will be one of the primary targets for this diminutive model.  Surmise to say, this is indeed a great market strategy of Apple. But to bring a cynical twist to the rumor is that this mini iPhone might be the replacement of soon-to-be-faced-out iPhone 5c, which will take place by next year (2015).   Even so, this 4 inch iPhone launch out is not too bad for iPhone enthusiasts.  So what’s your inference, people?