Apple Trackpad

Apple Trackpad : Great Alternative to Mouse for Windows PC

Does your wrist hurt due to prolonged usage of the good old computer mouse?  While mouse is pretty reliable device to your Windows PC, you can’t ignore the fact that sometimes you get tired of it.


Apple has produced a great alternative to computer mouse, the Magic Trackpad.  It is wireless, has sturdy aluminum body and holds the minimalist appeal of Apple. The greatest offer this trackpad can give you is the relief and comfort as opposed to the strain given by prolonged mouse usage.


Apple Trackpad
Apple Trackpad


Officially, Apple says that Magic Trackpad can only be utilized on a Mac device but the geniuses of workaround are able to make this thing work on a Windows PC.



  1. Google for download bootcamp Windows 7 and select the link from Apple support.
  2. Download the zip file containing the Bootcamp installer.
  3. After downloading, you may need to extract the installer and the update file.
  4. Run the installer and just follow the instructions and prompts.
  5. When you have completely installed the software, hold your trackpad’s ON button and enter the pairing code : 0000. Finish!



The downside in using Magic Trackpad in Windows, however, is that you cannot fully utilize its full potential.  We are talking about the three and four-finger swipes—these two would be impossible.  Moreover, you cannot do the zooming in and rotating of pictures. Horizontal scrolling using two fingers is not also possible for Windows users.  It’s not also a great tool for preciseness in Photoshop’s marquee feature.


For those who only want to use the trackpad for common mouse tasks, like scrolling through documents and web surfing, then this device comes highly recommended for you.  Alternatively, you can also use your keyboard to do these common tasks.