What to Do when your Apple TV Siri Remote gets Lost

What to Do when your Apple TV Siri Remote gets Lost

We all know that technological advancement gets an all-time high nowadays. However, despite that fact, people are still losing their television’s remote controls. This case is also true for Apple TV users, most of which have managed to misplace or lose their Siri Remote controls many times now. Aside from the so-called term ‘human error’, there are also other ways for your Apple TV Siri Remote control to get lost, especially if you have children or dogs living inside your house. And since an Apple TV Siri Remote is somewhat smaller compared to other remotes, the possibility of losing it is somewhat higher than usual.

What to Do when your Apple TV Siri Remote gets Lost

Let’s say that you’re one of those who had lost their Siri Remote, regardless of reason. In this case, doing the tips below will definitely help you:


  1. Use the Apple Remote App. If you have an Apple TV inside your house, chances are that you’re also using other Apple gadgets such as an iPhone or iPad. In case that you have one, you can download and install the free remote app directly from the Apple App Store. As long as your Apple TV and iPhone/iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, it will be easy for you to control it.


  1. Use an Old TV or even a DVD Remote control. If in case that you still have an old but functioning remote control inside your house, you can easily set up your Apple TV in order for it to be used along with your Apple TV. However, be informed also that not all TV and DVD remote controls are supported. But in case that your old remote is supported, you can easily navigate to your Apple TV’s settings. The setup will guide you in setting up your remote for use in your Apple TV.


  1. Use an Old Apple TV Remote control. If in case that you have an old Apple TV remote, you can also set it up for use with your Apple TV. The methods of setting it up are the same with the setup for old TV remote controls.


  1. Use a Bluetooth Keyboard as a remote control. Nowadays, you can even use your good Bluetooth keyboard as a remote control, too. Once you set it up correctly, you can easily navigate your Apple TV. However, it has no Siri support so you can just use the basic functions. If you’re not contented with all of this, you can just buy yourself a new Apple TV Siri Remote.