Apple Watch Band

How to Change Apple Watch Band – 5 Steps

Your Apple Watch may be strapped with your ideal band but that doesn’t mean that you have to wear the same band all the time.  Perhaps you want to swap it for a classier one or something more durable to sweat and water during your long gym hours.


Good thing that the Apple Watch band does not hold permanency beside the timepiece itself.  In few easy steps, you can change your current band into something more suitable for the occasion.


Apple Watch Band
Apple Watch Band




  1. Flip over your Apple device so the rear part is facing you.
  1. See those two buttons where the band meets the Watch? Those two are responsible for holding your present band onto the timepiece itself.
  1. Simply push the top button and gently detach the band out of the Watch. Take note that the band can be moved to either left or right and you have to do it carefully to avoid any damage.
  1. Repeat Step no. 3, this time on the lower band.
  1. Take our new Watch band and carefully slide it into the very same spot where you removed the first one. Focus on what you’re doing to prevent placing the bands on the wrong places.



Additional Tips

  • If ever you purchased a link bracelet and you want to reduce its size, you can do so by simply removing some of the links. To be able to do that, just press the button at the back of the link and slide the unnecessary link out.
  • Be sure to keep the links at a safe place where you can easily get it should you deem their return necessary.