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Apple Watch is Now Helping Cancer Patients in their Treatment

We all know that Apple Watch is now being used in order to monitor its wearer’s daily activities. Aside from being a watch that tells us time, it also has a variety of health monitoring functions installed such as a heartbeat monitor and pedometer. Because of this one, its functions are now being used inside MD Anderson Cancer Center. Yes, it is now being used in monitoring cancer patients’ activities.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch


The 90-day program, which is now being undergone by thirty willing cancer patients, is now being done inside the medical facility. Instead of forcing the patients to undergo various physical examinations in a day-to-day basis, they are now employing the use of Apple Watch in order to monitor the cancer patient’s physical and mental health conditions. The physical conditions are monitored by the use of Apple Watch Apps while the mental side is being monitored by doctors by asking the patients questions regarding their activities. This enables them to get a better view of the patient’s overall health condition without bothering the patients too much.


Reports have been revealed that the cancer patients in the said medical facility seem interested in the said treatment, all of whom really enjoyed wearing and using the mentioned wearable. Aside from monitoring the patient’s physical and mental condition, the Apple Watch is also very good in monitoring the patient’s mood. And by the help of doctors or patients like themselves, they can also enjoy talking to each other just by using the same wearable. This makes their treatment somewhat convenient, experts say.