Apple Watch Security Features that you Must Turn On

Apple Watch Security Features that you Must Turn On

Most people who own iPhones are now using the Apple Watch as an additional gadget. It’s somewhat confusing that this one is called a watch despite the fact that the clock is only one of these features. Needless to say, those who have used the Apple Watch had become witnesses to its usefulness aside from the fact that it also tells time.


However, there are some features in Apple Watch, mostly those which are involved in its security that we usually ignore most of the time. Listed below are the features that we must take notice of since this will somehow affect our privacy.

Apple Watch Security Features that you Must Turn On


  1. Activation Lock and Mark as Missing – This is the most important security feature to use whenever someone steals your phone. To use this feature, you must get your iPhone (the one that is connected to your Apple Watch) and open the corresponding Apple Watch app. From the My Watch menu, tap Apple Watch and choose the Mark as Missing By doing this, your registered Apple Pay cards will be disabled so that the thieves cannot use it in order to make purchases. In addition to that, the Activation Lock feature will be automatically enabled, making your Apple Watch useless to thieves unless they also manage to get your Apple ID and password.


  1. Notification Privacy – This installed feature is useful especially if you’re the type who wants to make your Apple Watch Notifications private. This feature enables the Apple Watch to remind you about something in your notification but only displays its contents once you tap it. In order for you to use this, you must enable the Notification Privacy inside the Notifications in the Apple Watch app.


  1. Passcode for Apple Watch – Just like your iPhone, the Apple Watch also has a passcode feature, which also works out like your own iPhone’s passcode feature. If you don’t want other people from snooping inside your Apple Watch, you must consider turning this feature on. This can be done by enabling the Passcode option inside the Apple Watch App.


  1. Erase Data after Ten Unsuccessful Attempts – If you also want more security to your Apple Watch, you can turn this feature on along with the passcode feature. Just like in your iPhone, this will somehow put your Apple Watch security in a whole new level by erasing its entire contents right after someone had put the wrong password after ten attempts.