Apple’s iOS 10

Apple’s iOS 10 is Now the Company’s Biggest Update Ever

Just recently, the internet has been swarmed with news in regards to Apple’s latest and biggest iOS version yet – the iOS 10. The company has revealed that this newest iOS update will definitely take iPhone and iPad users’ experience to a whole new level. Coming straight from WWDC, the news had just given most experts lots of speculations concerning the newest iOS update.

Apple’s iOS 10 is Now the Company’s Biggest Update Ever

User Experience is now given more Priority

According to those who have already tested the iOS 10, experts have pointed out that the unlocking of iPhone is now much faster, thanks to the improvement of fingerprint recognition technology of this version. What’s more amazing is that the iPhone or iPad now automatically opens whenever you pick it up. What’s more is the feature that lets you access the camera directly just by swiping on the right edge of your iPhone screen. Swiping on the left edge, on the other hand, will make your iPhone display the available widgets. Right now, the Force Touch feature will become nonetheless more useful.


Apple’s Siri is now on a whole new Level

In iOS 10, the programmers have now opened the access to a virtual assistant, making Siri respond to request queries that are associated with third-party applications. Needless to say, you can use voice command to instruct Siri to do various tasks such as calling or sending messages to a certain contact even without leaving your present activity. The update now integrates Siri with lots of third-party applications such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Uber and Pinterest.


Messaging is now more entertaining than before

When it comes to messaging, programmers have integrated deep learning technology on iOS 10’s messaging application. Aside from location, multilingual typing is now possible, therefore letting you get spelling suggestions from available languages. You can now send bigger emojis aside from the fact that encrypted messages can now use the ‘invisible ink’ technology, which makes messaging more secure compared than before. What’s more interesting is that words can now be highlighted and placed with an emoji that suits your taste. And right now, you can easily identify whether your contacts are spammy or not, a feature which Chinese users will surely love to use.


Photos can now be turned into Precious Memories easily

Because of Advanced Computer Vision technology, face recognition is now much better since it collects a certain person’s captured photo and then categorizes it in a whole new folder. Needless to say, grouping photos can now be done even without full user intervention.