Apple’s iOS 8.2

Apple’s iOS 8.2 Beta Released, Bringing Apple Watch Support Closer

We remember that Apple had officially announced the presence of their latest smartwatch last fall, vaguely expressing its release in the “early” part of this year (2015). This sparked various theories to surface, stating that the much awaited smartwatch will be made available in public by the end of March. There might be a greater truth behind this theory, though as Apple employees are scheduled for their training seminars on February 9 and 16. Despite the still unclear date notice, Apple had quoted the gadget’s price which starts at $349 (that is in US dollars).

Apple’s iOS 8.2
Apple’s iOS 8.2


Yesterday, however, Apple just issued their iOS 8.2 Beta to their partner developers, bringing in support much closer and hastier.  Further, it has been expressed that the device titan dedicated an independent application for its smartwatch application transmission and actual content. For short, it can download and install its own application and manage its own settings. Now, this is a huge system update for Apple Watch we are talking about, and not sheer upgrades.


The smartwatch is being prepped up to be iPhone’s little companion. Since the smartphone has been granted of its own independence, it shall only work closely with its intended iPhone partner through the Bluetooth settings. As the watch can share processing weights through some apps with its iPhone partner, it can then budget its battery power and save itself from power outage.


With the final preparation, it is safe to say that Apple apparently can make it to the March deadline.  Hopefully, we won’t be disappointed as we’re really eager to see and wear the Watch early this Spring.