Apple’s iPad Plus Leak Price, Specification, Release Date, Review

Weibo has released an eye-catching, sight for sore eyes snap of an impressive tablet produced by the technology giant, Apple.  The new tablet model with a mammoth size of 12.9-inch display is now dubbed as iPad Plus. As we can notice, the naming scheme came right from the fab that iPhone 6 Plus has popularized. While specifications might be available herein, we must clarify that until Apple has confirmed the information, everything is yet tentative.

Apple’s iPad Plus
Apple’s iPad Plus


As seen in the picture, the ivory slate has a remarkable 12.9” screen with resolution of about 2000 pixels.  More impressive still, is that it is as thin as 7mm and weighs about 700 grams.  This is a great feat from Apple as we compare the 6.1mm breadth of Apple iPad Air 2 with a 9.7-inch screen display and 437- gram weight. Moreover, iPad Plus is given the battery capacity of 11000 mAh which is about 50% more against the current cell power of Air 2.  The tipster also said that protective cases will soon be made for the upcoming iPad Plus model.


Joining the Weibo leak is Apple iPad mini 4 which is expected to dethrone iPad mini 3. Thus, this move would make iPad mini 2 more affordable for those who would want an alternative from the latest issues of Apple tablets.  Expect also a diminutive 4-inch iPhone to join the cast as this plan of Apple becomes more tangible despite the denials from supply chains just last month. As emphasized, these are still expected to change until further confirmed by the giant itself.  There is no information yet as when this latest collection would be place in the limelight.  We just have to hope that Apple clarifies everything soon!