Battery Cycle of your New iPhone 6

How Do You Check on the Battery Cycle of your New iPhone 6?

Apple iPhone 6’s 1810 mAh Li-Ion battery often lasts for a whole workday which could be roughly 9 hours (including your lunch hour of course).  Since we’re talking about Li-Ion here, iPhone 6’s battery can still face reduction of capacity or performance.

Battery Cycle of your New iPhone 6
Battery Cycle of your New iPhone 6


As a user, you must also be aware of what we call battery cycle of your device which in this case is an iPhone 6.  One battery cycle can be equated to the complete process of draining and charging the battery fully in one time.  Or the cycle doesn’t have to be completed at one time but could be done in a partial basis.  For example, you drained 80% of your battery in one day and charged it before it drains out.  The 20% left for the battery cycle will be taken out the next time you recharge your battery.  It should sum up to 100% to make one complete battery cycle.


With Li-Ion batteries, there are at least 300-500 cycles before it is reduced to 80% of its full capacity.  It is also crucial to know that temperature, movement and frequency of use also affect the life of the battery.  So to know the remaining battery cycles you still have for your iPhone 6, better check these steps:



  1. On your Windows or Mac desktop, go to and click on the Download tab. Install the program but this could only take for a 7-day free trial.
  1. Connect your iPhone to your desktop computer through your USB cable.
  1. Launch your iBAckupBot and click on your device name.
  1. Click on the ‘More Information’ tab located at the right pane of your screen.
  1. A pop up info will appear indicating the battery cycle count completed on your iPhone smartphone.