Block Websites in your iPhone

How to Block Websites in your iPhone

Nowadays, parents are well-aware that sites with disturbing and adult content such as porn sites swarm the Internet. Aside from that, there are various sites that parents find essential not to go to, especially if it could potentially affect his or her child’s study habits.

Block Websites in your iPhone
Block Websites in your iPhone


Blocking websites in various devices comes in many features along with different OS compatibilities and most of them aren’t free for use. However, if you’re using iPhone or iPod Touch, you can control the sites that kids can view for free. As a matter of fact, not only it blocks restricted sites; you can also use this feature in blocking potentially-unwanted sites, too.


In order to block these sites, you must enable the Content Restrictions feature in your iPhone. To do this, you must follow these very simple and easy steps:


  1. Tap Settings > General > Restrictions then Enable Restrictions


  1. Enter a four-digit pass code, definitely a pass code that is easy for you to remember but hard for your children to guess.


  1. Enter the pass code again to verify your settings. This enables the mentioned setting.


Now, in order for Content Restrictions to block mature websites, you must do this:


  1. On the Restrictions tab, go to Allowed Content option then tap the Websites


  1. Choose Limit Adult Content by tapping it. You can now leave the Settings tab since your choices are automatically saved and pass code-protected.


You can also Restrict Browsing to sites such as YouTube or Facebook by going to Specific Websites Only tab instead of Limit Adult Content tab in the Websites option. You can delete the sites that are listed there or add new sites in your list.