How to Check the App Size in Your iPhone’s Storage

How to Check the App Size in Your iPhone’s Storage

We all know that nowadays, Apple usually offers its customers iPhone and iPad models with storage capacities from 32 Gigabytes and higher. As of now, we all know that a 32GB storage space is somewhat big. However, if you’re the type of user who installs lots of apps in his or her iPad or iPhone, and downloading songs and videos in order to make it more lively, there’s a chance that you’ll run out of it soon. Most users know that every app that you download consumes some of your iPhone’s internal storage space. The only problem about this one is that you don’t have any idea how much storage space an app consumes out of your precious iPhone. In that case, the time will surely come that some of these apps, especially games, has to go in order to free up some space.

How to Check the App Size in Your iPhone’s Storage

Before freeing up any space, it’s just an initiative for us to know how much storage space an Apple App consumes out of your iPhone. As a matter of fact, there are two known ways to determine that thing. The first one is by using Apple iTunes while the second is through your iPhone’s Settings itself. If you tend to download apps through iTunes, using the first method is recommended for you. However, if you’re just downloading apps via your iPhone, doing the other one is much better. And if you’re interested to know this one, kindly read the instructions that are written here:


  1. Inside your iPhone or iPad’s main user interface, navigate to the Settings by touching the corresponding icon.


  1. Next, choose the Storage and iCloud Usage option by tapping it. Doing that will take you to its own screen.


  1. Chose the Manage Storage


  1. At the top of Manage Storage screen, you will see an overview of your iPhone or iPad’s storage details which tells you the total amount of the storage space and how much space have been consumed from it. Just wait for the progress wheel to finish loading and you will see your apps list.


  1. The apps list will show you the details that you’re going to watch out for: the app itself, the essential files that are required to run it and how much space it consumes. If you want to have more detailed information, just tap on the app and you will see the App Size and Documents and Data. If the app isn’t built directly into the iPhone’s system, you can delete it.