How to Clean Install macOS Sierra to Your PC

How to Clean Install macOS Sierra to Your PC

Being the latest Mac Operating System, the macOS Sierra now has improved features both in terms of easy access up to the overall security itself. Right now, most Mac users are now upgrading to the latest OS.

How to Clean Install macOS Sierra to Your PC

Whether you believe it or not, it’s very easy to clean install or even upgrade your Mac in order for it to have the latest OS. However, before you start doing it, make sure that you follow all of the instructions that are listed below.


Installing macOS Sierra in your PC

  1. Make sure that your Mac complies with the minimum requirements. Before doing a clean install or upgrade, you must make sure that your Mac complies with macOS Sierra’s minimum requirements. Better check it online to know the latest requirements.


  1. Get the necessary tools for the installation process. If you’re sure that your Mac complies with the requirements, the next thing to do is to get a 16GB flash drive for the installer, the macOS Sierra installer itself that’s available for online download and last is none other than making sure that you have a backup of your entire drive. A clean install needs you to delete your entire drive’s contents, technically speaking.


  1. Choose the Drive where you will install the macOS Sierra. It depends on you whether you decide to install the OS into your free or startup drive. If you decide to install it on your startup drive, the installation will require you to delete the existing files to make sure that you don’t encounter problems in the future.


  1. Choose where to install the OS once the download completes. After downloading the macOS Sierra installer on the Mac App Store, it will prompt you whether to install the OS on an existing drive or via USB Flash Drive. If you choose to install it via USB, the disk utility will guide you in setting up the OS on your USB flash drive. However, if you choose the first one, it will direct you to the installation window.


  1. Follow the next instructions. In order to continue the installation process, you are required to agree with the software’s terms and conditions. After that, the installer will list the available drives where you can install the OS. Just choose the desired drive before clicking Install. Once done, the software installation will start without any further prompts. During this time, you can either wait for it to finish (don’t believe the estimated time left, seriously) or just go out for a while and have some snack.