How to Delete Safari’s Cache on your iOS Devices

For newbies of iUsers, you may still be groping in the dark as how to delete your Safari browser’s cache.  We have here few simple steps in achieving the task. But first things first… why do you need to clear your Safari cache?


When you use your browser for searching, it retains bits of information related to your search.  It includes the sites you visited which can be overwhelming overtime.  As the information accumulates, it occupies space in your storage.  The space which otherwise could be utilized for other things or usage.  You would want—let’s say—extra space for mp3 files, apps or other files, would you?


Another thing is that it can solve particular authentication errors on certain websites.  You may notice some messages instructing you to clean your cache.  This is the right time you can execute the cleaning of your cache.

Delete Safari’s Cache on your iOS Devices
Delete Safari’s Cache on your iOS Devices



(Note: This tutorial is intended for beginners or those who are new to iPhone and iPad.)

  1. On the home screen of your iOS device (iPhone or iPad), head to the Settings menu immediately.
  1. Navigate to the Safari tab which you will see as you scroll down. Tap on it in order to enter inside the rundown of information of the browser.
  1. Scroll down again look for the tab that says, “Clear History and Website Data and tap on it.
  1. Voila! You have successfully deleted the data inside your Safari browser’s cache. No sweat actually shed in the process.