How to Easily Connect Your Bluetooth Keyboard to Your Apple TV

How to Easily Connect Your Bluetooth Keyboard to Your Apple TV

Nowadays, watching TV isn’t just an enjoyable experience compared than before; it’s also technologically savvy in many ways. At the present time, it’s only natural for televisions to have other functions, functions that are actually designed to help its user in many ways. The truth is, your Apple TV isn’t just a television; it could also serve as a computer and even a game console at the same time. Because of this, technological improvements are always done in order to increase its functionality. And as for the time of this writing, your Apple TV can now use various remote controls including your Bluetooth keyboard as well.

How to Easily Connect Your Bluetooth Keyboard to Your Apple TV

Bluetooth Keyboard as a Remote Control for Apple TV

You’re actually right on reading this one: your Bluetooth Keyboard can also function now as a remote control for Apple TV. This is possible because of tvOS 9.2’s additional feature that lets you pair a Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV and use it as a substitute remote. This is very handy, especially if you’re one of those who have remote controls getting lost or misplaced most of the time.


If you have a Bluetooth keyboard and you’re interested in connecting this to your Apple TV, listed below are the steps in order for you to do it:


  1. Update your Apple TV to the latest OS version. Since that feature is only available as a part of tvOS 9.2, you must not forget to check your Apple TV whether it has the tvOS 9.2 version or not. If in case that it has a lower OS version, you can just update it to the latest one via online.


  1. Set your Bluetooth Keyboard to Pairing Mode. After successfully updating your Apple TV, you must make sure that you set your Bluetooth keyboard to pairing mode. This lets your Bluetooth keyboard ‘broadcast’ itself in order to get detected by the Apple TV.


  1. Pair the Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV. By using your Apple TV’s Siri Remote control, navigate to Settings app of your Apple TV then head straight to Remotes and Devices before getting inside the Bluetooth Tab. Once done, you should see your Bluetooth keyboard’s name on the list. Sometimes, you will be asked by the Apple TV for a pass key or code but, once done, you will see that your Apple TV and Bluetooth keyboard are now connected.