How to Easily Download and Install iOS 10 Beta on your Apple Devices

How to Easily Download and Install iOS 10 Beta on your Apple Devices

Months after having Apple’s iOS 9 compromised by the U.S. Government after a six-week-long legal battle, the company had released its latest iOS version, the iOS 10. Just like what the company has revealed during their official public announcement, the iOS 10 has lots of new features to offer aside from the fact that the existing features had undergone significant improvements. In addition to all of these, there’s definitely no doubt that iOS 10 contains the latest security features, features that will surely find by iOS 9 users very handy. Even though the company doesn’t emphasize the security breach as one of their reasons, Apple recommends all of its users (especially iOS 9 users) to download and upgrade to the latest iOS version.

How to Easily Download and Install iOS 10 Beta on your Apple Devices

Some people, especially those who aren’t gifted when it comes to understanding technology will think that upgrading can be very hard. The truth is, however, even the most basic Apple gadget user can easily upgrade his or her gadget. If you’re somewhat interested, listed below are the step-by-step instructions so that you can upgrade your iPad or iPhone gadget to iOS 10.


  1. Determine whether your Apple Gadget supports the latest iOS update. After releasing the beta version of iOS 10, the company had said officially that iPhones starting from iPhone 5 up to iPhone 6s Plus (eight iPhones in all) are supported. When it comes to iPads, on the other hand, iPads mini 2 to 4, iPad Pro (9.7 and 12.9-inch), iPad Air and Air 2, and both iPad 4th and 6th generations are supported. Needless to say, if your gadget happens to be one of these, you can download and install iOS 10 in it.


  1. Go directly to Apple’s iOS 10 beta public website using your Apple device. When you are sure that your device happens to be one of those supported by Apple, you can go directly to their website online via Safari. After that, sign up for the beta program so that you will be allowed to download the software. If you already have an Apple ID, you can skip the registration by logging in your details. Once inside, scroll down through Apple Beta Software Agreement and choose Accept. Choose the iOS Tab and the site will take you to the page where you will need to enroll your device.


  1. Make sure that you give necessary permissions in order to execute the download. After that, the site will take you to the install profile page. After reading and agreeing with the consent, download the profile and restart your phone.


  1. Head to your Apple device settings to download and install the software. After the device restart, go to your device settings>general>software update and you will see the iOS 10 Public Beta 1 on the list. Just agree with the terms, download the software and install it.