Fix iPhone’s Wrong Apple ID Issue

How to Fix iPhone’s Wrong Apple ID Issue

When iPhone users purchase a digital media online such as music, e-book, etc., iPhones are asking for an Apple ID whenever a purchase is being made, therefore ensuring the user that he or she is authorized by the owner to use the file. Your iPhone saves the data, along with the Apple ID used, in its systems and that system is protected by a password, making it for users to avail almost anything digital easily.

Fix iPhone’s Wrong Apple ID Issue
Fix iPhone’s Wrong Apple ID Issue


The only downside here is the fact that you can use ANY Apple ID in order to make any purchase, there’s a possibility that, when you hard reset your phone, all of the details will be lost, including the details. As of now, people are currently experiencing what they call a ‘Wrong Apple ID Issue’, in which your iPhone asks for credentials (e.g. Password) of a certain Apple ID aside from yours in order to ensure that you are authorized by the owner to use his or her files in any way. The other problem is that most of us don’t have any idea who owns the Apple ID and what files are linked to that.


When this happens, just do this simple step.


Hard Reset your iPhone without reverting to Any Existing Backup

Trying to find out the purchase details made by other people’s Apple ID is a very lengthy process, so resetting your iPhone is the only (and the best) option. By choosing Settings > General > Reset then ‘Erase all Content and Settings’, this will definitely revert you to stage 1 but will save you from lots of problems.