Music for Your iPod and iTunes

Where to Get Free and Legal Music for Your iPod and iTunes

All of us have our favorite songs and music artists to listen to. That’s the reason why most people tend to buy their favorite music artist’s latest album in the nearest music store. Alternatively, if you’re out of budget, maybe you’ve already done downloading your albums in various pirate and torrent sites. Technically, it isn’t bad to listen to your favorite artist’s music. However, we all know that piracy is a crime due to the fact that it really deprives your favorite artists of their album sales. But right now, getting your favorite artist’s music or album can be downloaded at last, in a very legal way.

Music for Your iPod and iTunes
Music for Your iPod and iTunes


If you’re interested, here are some of the sites where you can download your favorite artist’s music without being guilty:


  1. Amazon – Unknown to most of us, the music store that is run by Amazon has a free section, which is also somewhat hard to find. However, these songs are one-hundred percent free and legal. They have songs of your favorite artists and new ones as well.


  1. NoiseTrade – This site is especially designed for new artists, which helps them find fame and new fans. Needless to say, most of their music and even some unreleased ones can be downloaded here legally.


  1. SoundCloud – Aside from being a place for artists to sell new albums, this is also a place for free independent and legal music. This is a great option for artists to have their latest albums get discovered by more potential fans.