FaceTime video, audio call

How to check your iPhone’s data usage for FaceTime video, audio call

FaceTime right at your Apple device is one feature for video calling.  This feature can be described as ‘ancient’ due to the fact that it already has been with Apple devices since Nokia had risen to its ranks—until now that the company is almost a fading memory.  Nowadays, video calling or chatting with loved ones is almost akin into posting latest updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Bringing out the gist, it simply means that it is one easy way of communicating.


FaceTime video, audio call
FaceTime video, audio call


Especially now that Apple’s latest models iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sports a much better codec system and front-facing shooter.  With the use of the hottest H.265 codec for FaceTime video call, it only requires half the bit rate that the older codec H.264 uses.  However, H.265 does not sacrifice the quality of the cellular videos but is just of the same kind as offered by H.264.  The newest coding and decoding system is yet to be popularized in the mainstream with the upcoming devices soon.  Anyway, if you mean to ask whether iPhone 6 and 6 Plus still supports the older version, H.264, then the answer is ‘yes.’


Back to the main topic, in case you want to monitor or check the precise amount of data you have consumed during your FaceTime video or audio call, iOS 8 has made it easier for you.  Instead of taking a long tour to your phone settings, FaceTime now offers this shortcut feature.



  1. Open your FaceTime application and tap on the Video or Audio button right on the top. From there, you can see the log list of calls with their corresponding date.
  2. Just at the right side of each call, you can see a small circle with small letter “i” in the middle of it.
  3. Tap on this small icon and the details about your data consumption of this particular call will be displayed right in front of you. It also includes the time stamp from which you may get the idea how much a 15-minute video call may cost you.