Control Your PC from Your iPad

How to Control Your PC from Your iPad — 2 Easy Methods

A few years back, your sole control to your personal computer is only through manual means.  Meaning, the access to your files is through opening the computer itself, thumbing through keyboard and looking for your files.  With the pass-paced office lifestyle nowadays, it isn’t already location wise to sort through your files in a limited time.  So the computer program geniuses of our time have come up with a simple solution: Access through a remote control, in this case, an iPad.  How do you do this?


Control Your PC from Your iPad
Control Your PC from Your iPad

First Method: RealVNC


 RealVNC is accessible for personal use.  You can install this software program by following these steps:


  1. Get a license key for the software via this link: . Chose from the options what is suitable for you.  Register and you will receive your license afterwards.
  2. Download the software to your PC and install. You can design your own setting s through given options.  Just note that you have to disable firewall for your iPad to get access.
  3. Make a password for your VNC. As get started, you will be provided with the IP address you will need to connect to the software.
  4. Download VNC application in your iPad.
  5. Launch the app and sync IP settings with your PC.
  6. You can then start exploring how to control your PC through your iPad.


Second Method: Parallels Access 

Parallels Access can be downloaded in the price of $19.99.  However, the software program is a lot of help for workers who are in constant use of the access.  Here’s how to install Parallels Access:


  1. Register for an account.
  2. Download the software to your personal computer after choosing which package is suitable for you. Install the program.
  3. At launching, you will be asked to provide an email address and password to make your account.
  4. You may check on the computers you wish to access and in a short while, a tutorial video that will introduce you to know-how’s of Parallels Access. Take note that you will need to run the software program before accessing it with your iPad.