How to enable grayscale mode on your iPhone, Ipad


Every device consumer nowadays can be pretty particular when it comes to imagery.  Why it’s only natural for people to be very visual right? Face it, we love patterns, forms, dimensions and most especially, colors.  This need triggers tough competition to visual technology, and whether we deny it or not, we enjoy every bit of update.  Manufacturers tend to respond most eagerly.

However, for those who want a throwback of the classic “black and white,” now dubbed in the device lingo as “grayscale,” Apple has made something really cool for you. Not only that it can aid people with certain visual impairment but it can also bring you to the nostalgia when black and white films and television are still in. Unfortunately, this feature is only seen in iOS 8 of iPhone and iPad. So for those who would want this grayscale mode but has earlier iPhone and iPad versions, this is not available to your devices.

How to enable grayscale mode on your iPhone
How to enable grayscale mode on your iPhone



  1. Okay, let’s start with the Settings menu which is rather uber-accessible when it comes to iPhone and iPad devices.


  1. Locate the Accessibility option and tap on it. ‘


  1. Just find and tap on the Grayscale option for this is the one who can get you what you want. You’ll notice that it will switch then to grey coloring and voila! You’re all set to enjoy the benefits of screen display in grayscale mode.  A mere child’s play, isn’t it?



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