How to Delete Music on Your iPhone

How to Erase Songs or Music on Your iPhone – 6 Steps

Sometimes we just get tired of the songs on our playlist just like how we get tired of some of our clothes inside our closet.  Or for more practical reason, we just want to free space on our iPhone device to give way to much cooler apps, music or video.  Whatever your reason may be, we are here to aid you in how to erase songs or music on your iPhone



  1. Toggle off your iTunes match by simply heading to Settings, then to iTunes & App Stores, and then—finally—the iTunes match.
  2. Also, you have to hide the songs you haven’t downloaded yet. Just return to the Settings app, select ‘Music’ and toggle off ‘Show All Music.’
  3. You can then open the Music application and start with your deletion. Note though that different iOS also means different delete options.  For the latest iOS 8, you can erase the song, albums and artist.  iOS 7 will only allow you to erase the songs only.  And iOS6 can let you erase songs and albums.
  4. Now, if you want to delete songs one by one, you have to go all the way to Music app. Simply press on the song entry and swipe to the left.  It will then show the ‘Delete’ button.  Tap on it and the song will be immediately removed.
  5. Meanwhile, if you want to delete the complete album, just select ‘Albums’ from the menu at the bottom. Upon opening, you will see the list of the albums you have in your iPhone. Just like the procedure of erasing a song, press the album you wish to erase. Swipe from right to left and the ‘Delete’ button will be shown.  Tap on it and the whole album will then be deleted as you desired.
  6. You can do the erasing of songs as per artist by doing the same procedure. Just locate ‘Artists’ at the bottom of the menu and swipe off the Artist you wish to delete. Confirm by tapping on the ‘Delete’ button and—presto!—the songs as per artist are deleted.
How to Delete Music on Your iPhone
How to Delete Music on Your iPhone