Apple Id Credit Card

How to Make an Apple ID without Even Using Your Credit Card

Not all applications within iTunes Apps Store can be purchased by everyone with Apple device.  Some software applications are restricted due to geo-tagging.  Likewise, some iBooks and podcasts can’t be acquired due to this particular restriction. For this main reason, iUsers create multiple accounts using different countries.  This way, they can avail the region-locked apps.


Creating multiple Apple accounts may be the answer to region-locked apps and product purchases.  One dilemma scratched off the list.  Another problem one may encounter when you create an Apple ID is verification.  To be verified, you must have at least a US based credit card or PayPal account for the US iTunes Store.  In short, if you don’t have either of the two, you can’t have an account.  But that’s just the façade for there is another way around for you to have an ID. Follow the steps below and you can achieve the ID you desire even without that magic card or PayPal account.

Apple Id Credit Card
Apple Id Credit Card



  1. In your computer, open the iTunes software. If you’re currently logged in to your account, sign out immediately.  Select Store within the menu and click on Sign out.
  1. Scroll down and locate Change Country link and select the country of your choice. Or you can simply click on a country’s flag to the iTunes store so you can be transferred to the store of that particular region.
  1. Next, open the App Store and choose an app to download. Hit the Get button to confirm your download.
  1. Notice that Apple will ask you to enter your Apple ID and password. Don’t panic just yet but instead, click on the CreateApple ID  Agree to the Terms & Conditions, input your email address and create password. Be sure that you’re also 13 years old and above to be given access.
  1. Head to the Payments screen and you can see then a new option that says NONE. Click on this and provide a fake address to be submitted to Apple.  Your Apple ID will then be validated on that country of your choice.