4K Video Using Your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus

How to Take 4K Video Using Your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus

This newly installed snapper should be able to produce crisper and sharper images compared to the previous flagship.  Also, it is expected that it has a boost in focusing speed and accuracy since it has a much larger number of Focus Pixels. Furthermore, it can take videos beyond 1080 pixels. Simply put it can take 4K videos, a feat that was technically impossible for the previous iPhone models since they didn’t have horizontal pixels.


4K Video Using Your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus


So now, the impending question is: How do you do 4K video shooting using your iPhone 6s?


Old-timers in iPhone may easily figure out in how to take videos in high resolution mode.  On the other hand, newbies or those users who weren’t simply interested in utilizing this iPhone feature before—hence, their inadequacy—may find this tutorial helpful.


Note:  4K video takes up a lot of your storage space like taking 3 minutes of this footage can take up an instant 1GB of your storage space.  You better free up enough space before shooting your video.  To know how many GB you still have, go to your Settings app and hit the General tab.  Finally, tap on the Storage & iCloud Usage to check on the storage space available.  16GB iPhone 6s users may find this video shooting a little bit challenging but it’s worth a try anyway.  But of course, it is best if you will use the 1080p as your default video setting.



  1. Enable the mode through the Settings application menu.
  2. Open it and scroll down to locate Photos & Camera>> Record Video setting and change it to 4K at 30 frames per sec. Finish!



  • 4K Video produces much better and more detailed videos that can be easily edited.
  • You can use the zoom in easier using pinch gesture.