How to Install Apple TV

How to Install Apple TV – 11 Steps

Apple TV, Apple’s very own version internet television, allows its users to watch seemingly endless stream of movies, TV soaps and other videos.  What one must have to install this digital media device is a high-speed internet connection and some paraphernalia—TV, HDMIcable and Ethernet (or wireless) connection.

How to Install Apple TV
How to Install Apple TV




  1. Invest for an HDMI cable if you don’t have it yet. They can cost from $5 to $20 from online stores or physical tech stores. Remember also that HDMI cables have identical ends which are used to connect both audio and video.
  2. Choose a location where you can put your Apple TV and television near an electrical outlet.
  3. Make sure that your television is turned off while you connect the cables. Next, connect the other end of HDMI cable to the back of your Apple TV (HDMI port) and into the back of your television (HDMI port as well).
  4. Plug the other line at the power port of your Apple TV deviceand plug in the Apple TV power cable into a socket.
  5. If you’re using an Ethernet connection, insert it at the back of the Apple TV. Insert the other end into your internet modem.  Now, if you’re not into using the Ethernet, skip this step and proceed to the next.
  6. Get your Apple TV remote and press the center button. The Apple TV might have launched automatically after you plug in the device into the electric socket.
  7. Select your language through using the navigational keys and press again the center button to confirm.
  8. Choose the network you want to use by using again the navigational keys. Press the center button to confirm your network selection.
  9. Enter your wireless connection password by using the navigational keys again. Press the center button once you’re done in-putting your password.
  10. You will then be prompted to participate in sharing data with Apple. It’s up to you if you want to join the campaign or decline it.
  11. Feel free to explore what Apple TV has in store for you. Check on the different programs and settings using your remote and enjoy video streaming!