How to Run the iOS Simulator into your Web Browser – 4 Steps

The Apple developers can now easily test their web designs and app using the iOS simulator in any web browser they choose.  Even without an iPhone or iPad at hand, just run this wonderful piece of application and you are then ready to scrutinize your own designs.  The app also features the native Safari application that’s pretty much the same thing.




iOS Simulator is officially available for Mac device users.  However, if you have Linux or Windows, you can use the Browser Stack too to run the said simulator directly to your web browser without having to install any additional software.  Here is the step-by-step guide in how to enable the iOS Simulator into your favorite web browser in your Windows or Linux PC:





  1. If you haven’t got a Browser Stack account, then it is time to make one.
  2. After creating an account, choose iOS as your platform.
  3. Put your website URL in the input box and select an iOS device like: iPhone 3GS, iPhones 4/4S/5 and iPads 1/2/3. If you also want to switch devices, you can easily do so.
  4. Tap or double click the Safari icon inside the Simulator, and open any of your websites.


The thing is you are using a very similar app to Safari that is only available to the iOS devices.  The downside only for this one is that you only got a limited time for the testing.  The free plan only consists of 30 minutes testing time, thus, you need to wisely budget your time if you want to test your website designs.