IPhone 6c

IPhone 6c Price, Specs, Release Date (Leak)

Several images have been currently circulating in the internet and if rumors are true, this is the diminutive but hot iPhone 6c.  And this is a very big thanks to the leak source dubbed as Future Supplier.  The photos were out almost right after the whispers of iPhone’s launching of its magical trio—the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and none other than, 6c.

IPhone 6c
IPhone 6c


We are expecting the release of the much affordable model which will follow the four-inch form factor of iPhone 5s.  However, the diminutive smartphone will retain several features of the latest iPhone trend including the NFC connectivity, Gorilla Glass protection and Touch ID.  This time, it will have a premium plastic to change the metallic shell that iPhone models are so famed for.



Surmise to say, the leaked photos might bear great credibility as it exposes a plastic-made body back cover.  Additionally, the handset in the photos is estimated to be in the size of iPhone 5 or 5s which is a 5-inch giant.  If we use the spot-the-difference method, we can immediately see several noticeable differences.  First, the camera flash in the leaked photos bears is like an oblong while 5c’s got a round one.  Second, the alleged 6c back cover has twin sets of speaker holes just right at the bottom side while 5c’s got a single set only placed at the same location.



Apple is not yet giving their response about these alleged photos of course but who knows… Future Supplier might have given us the actual preview of iPhone 6c. For now, let’s contain the excitement and stay tuned for more updates.