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8 Flavors of Spigen Apple iPhone 6s and 6s plus Cases

Okay, so you finally got your own iPhone 6 or 6s after days or weeks of waiting.  Then suddenly, it clicked that it might be just too generic of an iPhone unless you do something cool about it.  This is where Spigen enters and offers you their 8 flavors of casing dedicated only for our iPhone 6 or 6s.


Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon- 8.5


Spigen provides quite an ensemble when it comes to style and design.  Not only that, what’s really cool about Spigen is its products’ affordability via Amazon.  They can be fetched for as low as $10 and do not exceed the $25.  Are you ready to check out these amazing cases now?



  1. Spigen Thin Fit- 6
  • Bears minimalist style and is made of polycarbonate material to endure minor damages.
  • Price: $13


  1. Spigen Liquid Crystal- 6.5
  • Thin layer of protection to retain the original design of your phone.
  • Its TPU case is thin and lightweight, something that doesn’t add too much to the bulk of the phone.
  • Price: $10


  1. Spigen Neo Hybrid- 7
  • Classic design that renders harmony that can protect camera lens from scratches.
  • Patterned TPU material for a friendly grip on your iPhone 6s and can absorb shock from drops.
  • Price: $17


  1. Spigen Neo Hybrid EX-7


  • Two-piece casing that has flexible TPU shell that displays your phone’s original design.
  • Price: $17


  1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid- 7
  • Crystal clear polycarbonate casing with military-grade protection.
  • Price: $13


  1. Spigen Perfect Armor- 7.5
  • Full-coverage protection basing from the name itself. It has its own built-in screen protector to protect your display from scratches.
  • High-grade protection against drops but can give bulk to your phone.
  • Price : $25


  1. Spigen Rugged Armor
  • Has a simple yet appealing design with single-layer TPU shell that gives off a rubbery feel.
  • The durable polycarbonate material can absorb some shock during the drop.
  • Price: $10


  1. Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon- 8.5
  • Features an edgy design with its carbon fiber pattern and military-grade protection.
  • Price: $17
Spigen Cases
Spigen Cases