For iPhone Users: Do we Really Need To Get Worried About Having a Virus?

Nowadays, every gadget user (whether a tablet, smartphone or even a laptop computer user) is usually worried about their gadgets having a virus. Well…gadgets having caught a virus are definitely a mode of concern since it disrupts and prevents the gadget’s operating system to function properly. This is quite understandable, since computer viruses are known to cause different kinds of havoc, not only to the gadget but also to the person’s character and integrity. After all, what will you think of a person if his or her gadget tends to display nude pictures or images?



For Windows and Android users, virus attacks are very common due to the fact that most hackers tends to design Windows and Android-based viruses in order to compromise the operating systems in every way. However, in case of iPhone users, virus attacks are almost close to impossible.


How are virus attacks in iPhones almost impossible? Experts have shown us various reasons on how a virus attack in an iPhone can almost be classified as an impossible dream:


  1. Virus Attacks are only possible in ‘jailbroken’ iPhones. Jailbreaking is the iPhone version of rooting. Just like in the case of rooting, jailbreaking your iPhone gives you the ability to delete and change system apps, increase battery life and much more. However, jailbreaking your iPhone will also give it a ‘vulnerable spot’ which can be used by viruses and worms in order to compromise its operating system.


  1. Viruses especially designed for iPhones are very few. Most viruses that are being designed nowadays are actually OS-specific, which means that it is especially ‘compatible’ or suitable for the operating system it was designed for. Viruses which target Android OS won’t affect Windows OS and vice-versa. Needless to say, neither of these viruses can affect iOS, which is the operating system of your iPhone.


  1. Viruses need to exploit OS vulnerabilities in order to take effect. Operating Systems aren’t made perfect in the first place. Whether we like it or not, any operating system will definitely contain design and security flaws. These security flaws or ‘exploits’ as experts call it, are operating system vulnerabilities. We can say that these vulnerabilities are ‘open doors’ which can be used by a virus in order to get inside the OS. However, due to the fact that the iOS usually issues periodic patches and updates, there’s a possibility that most of these security holes are now filled up.