iTunes Movie Rentals

iTunes Movie Rentals: The Most Frequently-Asked Questions

If you’re a proud owner of an Apple Device, you are no doubt familiar about iTunes Movie Rentals. This is the iTunes Feature that lets you rent movies, from the most popular up to the latest one, and can be watched in your Mac or Apple Device. This is the best option if you want to watch the latest movies without having the need to go to the nearest theatre or cinema.

iTunes Movie Rentals


However, just like in other Apple Apps, the iTunes Movie Rentals have its own set of Terms and Conditions that you must agree with in order to avail their services. Listed below are the most frequently-asked matters concerning iTunes Movie Rentals.


  1. Needed requirements in order to use iTunes Movie Rentals – As for the time of this writing, the requirements that you’re going to need in order to use this service are the following: Latest Version of iTunes if you’re renting a movie via Mac, Latest version of iOS if you’re renting a movie via iOS, Latest version of tvOS if you’re renting via Apple TV, a high-speed internet connection and a valid Apple ID with debit or credit card details filled in it.


  1. Devices needed in order to watch movies rented from iTunes Movie Rentals – If you have the first requirements secured, you can use either of these devices in order to watch those movies you rented from iTunes: Mac or PC, Apple TV, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPhones or even an iPad running iOS versions 3.1.3 or higher.


  1. The cost of rented iTunes Movies. Depending on the category of the movies you wanted to watch belongs to, you can rent movies at the price range of $0.99 (special promotions) up to $9.99 (movies currently in theatres or digital version releases).


  1. The reason behind the sky-high cost of some movie rentals. Most of us are wondering why there are some movies that cost higher than $9.99. This is because of the fact that the movies are either a blockbuster and is currently being watched in movie theatres or the movies aren’t being shown in movie theatres yet. Needless to say, the reason why you’re paying more is because of the fact that you’re going to watch the movie first-hand.


  1. The expiration date of your rented movies. After you hit the play button in your rented movie in iTunes, the download link will automatically expire in 24 hours if you’re in U.S. and 48 hours if you’re living in other countries.