Mac OS X Public Beta Version

How to Prep-up Your Mac Device for OS X Public Beta Version

Here it is: the public beta version of the much awaited OS X.  So finally, you get the opportunity to test the latest Apple operating system on your Mac device without shedding some bucks as a developer.  Does this mean that you just wait for the apple to drop?  Far from it because you still need to prep-up your Mac to accommodate the OS X Public Beta.  So here are the very things you need before loading the stuff:


Mac OS X Public Beta Version
Mac OS X Public Beta Version


Know the General Rules

First and most crucial rule:  don’t compromise your beloved friend, Mac, whom you depend on every day.  Abide by these two major rules for limited risk:


  • Know the first step of the drill: back up your Mac. Do this step before you even download the OS X public beta installer. It should include the data you store in your iCloud as the beta is more likely to access it, too.
  • Create a separate environment to accommodate OS X Public Beta. You can either make a virtual environment or a definite partition where it can be housed.


  1. Acquiring a virtualenvironment also means that you need to download virtual machines like Fusion, Virtual Box, Parallels or VMWare Fusion. However, you must take in mind that most of these may not support the beta version of OS X.  As the beta may not be compatible, it can freeze up the environment.  Still, with a little research on online forums, you may come up with one that can house your OS X Public Beta.
  1. The easiest method is just to have a special beta partition, enabling the OS X beta to run in the natural Mac environment. The advantage you can get is that the OS is less likely to freeze up or malfunction.



  • Never install the OS X public beta into your present start-up drive.
  • Do not use the beta for your daily work as its nature isn’t that reliable.
  • Do not entrust the beta with your important work as it is still unstable; hence, you are facing high risk of losing your work.