Maps via Apple Watch

How to Use Maps via Apple Watch – 5 Simple Steps

One of the most useful features that Apple Watch has is Maps.  Your timepiece does not only double as a fitness tracker but can be multiple things as well.  In this article, we are going to talk about how Apple Watch can be your little navigator.  So buckle up and be ready for the quest in knowing about Maps:


Maps via Apple Watch
Maps via Apple Watch




  1. Begin on your iPhone by pairing the Watch with it (just in case they haven’t been paired off yet). Directions from your iPhone will be automatically forwarded to your Watch so you can put your handset and go hands free.  Directions will be displayed on the face of your Watch but they can be heard as well should you have headphones on.


Note: If you’re going to a location with hard-to-pronounce name, using your iPhone will be much easier.


  1. On your Apple Watch, you can tap on an address to a text message, email and various informative notifications. From there, Maps can navigate you right to the destination you need to go to.
  1. Swipe up on your Watch face to see Maps or you can also open maps from the home screen by simply hitting its icon.
  1. As a default, Maps will show you your present location on the map. You can zoom in our out of your location by simply turning your Watch’s digital crown.  When you want to look for a new location, press firmly on your screen and you’ll be given the option to go through an address attached to one of your Contacts.  You can also make a new Search for other locations.
  1. Remember that Searches can only be done through speaking or voice method that’s why it’s easier to begin this process on your iPhone. The Watch will then show the last few searches you had on you iPhone.  This is why it can be easier for you to plan or search ahead of time using your iPhone.  For the directions, simply tap on either walking or driving direction then hit Start. Directions are then displayed one by one on the display screen of your Watch with your ETA to your location shown above so you will know the time of your arrival.