Period Tracking, iOS 9 HealthKit

Period Tracking, iOS 9 HealthKit – Apple’s Response to a Woman’s Need

Among many other things, Apple tucked in a HealthKit framework into iOS 8.  The platform monitors different health and fitness areas of the user.  However, it lacked a feature that enables the female users to track menstrual cycles and general reproductive health.  This was amended in the upcoming operating system, the iOS 9.

Period Tracking, iOS 9 HealthKit
Period Tracking, iOS 9 HealthKit


Before this feature, both the male and female of species could only monitor their calories, steps, UV light exposure and sedentary behaviors.   With this amendment, Apple finally realized the female among iUsers.  While the feature isn’t something revolutionary, it is raised excitement and apparent glee to those whom it can benefit.


Modern women, being always on-the-go may forget a number of things, their womanly periods included.  Before they could experience that embarrassing situation when there’s a reddish blot on their jeans or skirt, their iPhones could easily alert them ahead.


As this app focuses on reproductive health issues, it may even collect data on how often you engage in sex.   After all, this issue is related to reproductive health monitoring.  This may raise eyebrows for some but it’s an option you can take or leave.


iOS 9 is currently on the roll for developers and the Public Beta is expected on the earlier part of July.  The official iOS 9 won’t be around until September this year with the release of iPhone 6s and 6S Plus.  For excited folks, you can give the hottest iOS a try by enrolling to the Apple Developer Program though it comes with a price.